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Agriculture and Forestry

Potential and Opportunities in Attapeu Province

Agriculture in Attapeu ProvinceAttapeu has an area for agricultural production of around 250,000 hectares. It is the 7th biggest plain in Laos, with an average temperature of 18 - 32 degrees and an average annual rainfall between 2,200 - 2,500 millimeters. The weather and the landscape are suitable for livestock and crop production. Rice is the number one crop with more than 23.000 hectars, industry crops such as coffee, tea, corn, vegetable and bean, fruit, cashew nut are also grown. Currently the province has identified rice and coffee production as of first priority and is developing a strategy for those crops. In the area that can be cultivated food crop plantation, industry crop plantation, timber industry and cattle are produced on more than 285.145 hectares.