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Potential and Opportunities in Attapeu Province

For privat investors in the tourism sector there are specific opportunities to invest in the following sites which have already been developped or are planned to be developped in the near future by the government: HUA KHONE waterfall, Lake NONG FA, King SAYSETTHA THIRAT temple area with the DONG HO Shrine Forest and the famous WAT SAKHAE or ONGSENE BUDDHA which is already frequently visited by many tourist groups, not only from Laos but also from Vietnam and Thailand.


General Information

The Attapeu population includes 15 tribes of ethnic groups with a different, unique culture and up to 11 ethnic languages. The way of life and marriage custom are not the same for the ethnic groups of the Lao, Oay, Yahern, Alak, Brao, Jeng, Triang, Yru, Yae, Sadang, and TaOay. Treks and excursions to local hill tribe villages are easy to arrange and highly recommended. It is also possible to organise long jungle treks.

The province is covered to 65% by forests ​​such as the DongAmpham protected are and the Xepian protected area, with excelent ecosystems and combined with rich places for natural tourism, history, cultural minorities and other touristically interesting spots such as Nong Fa lake, Nong Kai Ock, Hua Khone water fall, Pork water fall, Xepha water fall, Xaeponglay water fall, Sakhae temple, Louang temple, King Saisettha Thirat temple area and Laotai cave and others.

Find more general information on the official Lao Tourism Website

and more specificly about ecotourism under


Specific Investment Opportunities


1. HUA  KHONE  Waterfall                                                                                                                                                                                                

Hua Khone waterfall Hua Khone waterfall in dry season

The Hua Khone waterfall is located in Samakkhixay District, Meunhua Muang Village, only 60 km from Attapeu town at the main road to Sekong Province or to Pakse. It is easily accessible and already a famous picnic and swimming spot for both international tourists and local visitors. The river establishes the border between Attapeu und sekong Province. At the waterfall there are on both sides already restaurants and parking areas for visitors. On the Attapeu side private investors are welcome to invest in the tourist development

2. NONG FA Lake                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Nong Fa lake

The Nong Fa Lake is located in Sansay district within the Dong Ampham National Park, 176 km from Attapeu town and about 12 kilometres from the Vietnamese border. It is situated 2.5 km south of the old ethnic Nong Fa village and 3.6 km north of the new Nong Fa village. The lake is located on top of a mountain amid serene natural beauty, fenced by peaks of mountains. This virgin lake was formed by a volcanic eruption over 700.000 years ago and is the source of the Se Kaman River. . It has all year round sky blue water that’s why it’s also called Nongphatom Lake, which means Blue Lake. At an altitude of 1154 metres, the maximum depth of the lake is reportedly 78 metres, although the lake is still unexplored. It was used by the North Vietnamese as an R'n'R for soldiers hurt on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. 

The Laotian government started recently a survey for touristic development for this lake and the Dong Ampham National Biodiversity Conservation Area. Private Investors are welcome to participate.

3. KING SAYSETTHA THIRAT Temple Area and  DONG HO Shrine                                                                                                                         

King Saysettha Thirat new museumKing Saysettha Thirat new drumtowerKing Saysettha Thirat temple area riversideDong Ho Shrine forest

The King Saysettha Thirat Stupa is located in Saysettha District, Wat That Village, only 15 km from Attapeu town. It was built in 1577 and represent a crucial moment in Lan Xang Kingdom in the 16th century when King Saysettha Thirath died nearby. The great age of the stupa is evidenced by the original handmade bricks containing rice grains. The area of the king’s stupa was recently developed with a new building covering the old stupa for protection, a new museum and a new drum tower along the riverside with beautiful scenic views on the river with little islands. This project was financed by theVietnamese Bank of Development and Investment with an amount of 2,1 Mio USD. The objective of this project was to attract tourism and more private investors.

4. WAT SAKHAE  or  ONGSENE BUDDHA                                                                                                                                                                      

Wat Sakhae Temple is located in Saysettha District, at Sakhae Village, 23 km from Attapeu town on tarmac road. It was built in 1569 and contains the Buddha image of Ongsene. Hence, It is also called the Ongsene Soukalarm Temple. The Buddha image is very sacred for Buddhist people not only for Laotaian but also for many Vietnamese. They ask the Buddha image for help in all situations in life concerning health, marriage, birth, career and success, good luck and wealth, etc. The temple is build at the riverside with scenic views over little river islands. You access by taking a little ferry over the river and climbing a long step at the riverside up to the temple. Private Investors are welcome to invest in services around the temple area like restaurants and other facilities.


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