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Processing Industry

Potential and Opportunities in Attapeu Province

As of mid-2013 the total rubber plantation area of Attapeu accounts for more than 27,700 hectares. The rubber is mainly aged between 5-6 years and the tapping of the rubber will start within the next 1-2 years. The Houang Anh Ga Lai Group recently finished the construction of a large rubber processing factory in Saisettha district. The factory has a processing capacity of around 7,000 tons. In addition many many other processing facories, for example for wood, sugar, cassava (in Khanmaknow village, Sanamsay) will start to operate very soon.

Raw material production for processing in Attapeu:

·   Rubber: 640.000 tons / year

·   Sugarcane: 600,000 tons / year

·   Cassava: 186.000 tons / year

Potential of location, infrastructure and export of Attapeu:

·  Attapeu is located in the development triangle of Cambodia - Laos - Vietnam whith good transport connections for goods in transit fromsouthern Laos to Vietnam through  Phoukeua –BoY international border check point and to Cambodia, Rattanakhiri province

·  The labor cost of local people in Attapeu Province is with around 600,000 Kip / person / monthlower than in other provinces in Lao PDR (depending on the real labor cost and local revenue).

·  The infrastructure is well developed and with policies to support land concessions for investors investors and the  processing of agricultural products for export purpose.

Currently Attapeu has 4 processing factories such as rubber processing, sugar factory, casava processing factory and Kheuaham procressing factory. In addition, there are more than 25 wood processing and furniture factories in the province.



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