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Today: Oct 21, 2018

Provincial Statistics Center (PSC)

The Provincial Statistic Centre (PSC) is an organizational structure of the Department of Planning and Investment on provincial level. It is under the supervision of the National Statistic Centre concerning technical, human resources and budget issues and under the Department of Planning and Investment in Attapeu concerning political decisions.

The PSC has the task to collect, compile, process and analyse data and thereby contribute to social economic development at provincial level as well as national level in collaboration with the National Statistic Centre.

Name and Surname





Mr. Khambai SAYYASENG Head of Statistics Center 020 9941 2243  
Mr. Vongvilay SYSOULATH   Deputy Head of Statistics Center 020 5543 3907  
Mr. Phetsamone KHOUMMAVONG   Acting Head of Administrative Division 020 5502 4005  
Mr. Sorlisack VEOSY   Acting Head of Economy Statistic Division 020 5462 0344  
Mr. Khamfaung LAUNGKING   Acting Head of Socio Statistic Division 020 5695 3234  
Mr. Khao BOUNTHALANGSY   Officer 020 2200 8877  
Mr. Khakvilay SAYYASENG   Officer 020 9890 0686  
Mr. Phatsady SYHALATH   Officer 020 2271 9292  
Mr. Singlakhone KHAMKHOSY   Officer 020 9988 4101