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Today: Dec 14, 2018

Hydropower and Mining

HydropowerPotential and Opportunities in Attapeu Province


Attapeu province is largly covered by forest, there are a lot of river lines with the capacity for a hydroelectric power production such a Xekong, Xekaman, Xenamnoy, Xekhamphor, Xexu, Namkong. Currently some dams are under construction such as the Xekaman1 dam in Sansay district, the Xenamnoy 1 dam in Samakkhisay district, the Namkong dam in Phouvong district and the Xepian-Xenamnoy damin Samakkhisay district. In addition there are solar panel stations in Houaytoklok and Xexu.





In Sansay district there are currently several minerals under suvey for exploration,  such as gold, copper, zinc and bouxite as well as , iron ore and coal, coal liquids, mining gems, granit stone and others.