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Application Forms


- Energy Power Application Form

in Lao/English

- General Project Concession Form

in Lao/English

- Mining Application Form

in Lao/English

- General Business Application Form

Responsible: Department of Industry and Commerce Attapeu (please contact: 036-211017)

- Article of Association Application Form

in Lao / in English

- Representative Office Form

in Lao/English

- Article of Association of Representative Office Form

in Lao / in English

- Unified Investment Application Form

in Lao/English

- Article Association Form (Sample Enterprise Rule)

in Lao / in English

- Basic Environmental Report Form

in Lao / in English

- Detailed Environment Report Form

in Lao / in English


Investors should provide full documents:

 1. Request Letter
 2. Economic Feasibility Study
 3. Investment Application Form
 4. Copy of agreement(s) or any other legal written obligations between investors, in case of Joint Ventures, etc.
 5. Appendices to Application Form

- Copy of Passport(s) (relevant pages) and Curriculum Vitae of each investor

- Copies of company’s license and profiles

- Bank Relation/Financial Statement certifying investment solvency

- Letter of authorisation/power of attorney, if necessary

- Enterprise Rule

- Employment Rule

- Basic Report on Environment Protection or Detailed Report on Environment Protection

- Other related documents




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