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Today: ທ. ວ. 14, 2018

Investment Consideration Agencies

There are two types of agencies considering investment proposals. The first are the "Permanent Consideration Agencies" who are always in charge of investment consideration for all investment proposals. The second are the 'Project Designated Agencies" who attend the consideration meetings which investment proposal depend on their designated authority. However, every consideration meeting has consisted of 8 to 11 departments.

Permanent Consideration Agencies:

1. Department of Planning and Investment acting as the main provincial coordinator

2. Department of Finance (Tax)

3. Department of Water Resources and Environment

4. Department of Commerce and Industry

5. Department of Labor and Social Welfare

Project Designated Agencies:

Department of Agriculture and Forestry

Department of Public Works and Transport

Department of Energy and Mine

Department of Science and Technology

Department of Education and Sport

Department of Health

Department of Information, Culture and Tourism

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Justice

Office of Immigration (Police)


Small Town Urban Development Authority



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