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One Stop Service

The One-Stop-Service ensures that investors can receive expedient, quick, transparent and fair services in conformity with the law. 

Investment in Concession Business

The application for a concession business investment should be submitted to the ‘one-stop-service’ of the Ministry/Department of Planning and Investment (MPI/DPI) for appraisal before submission to the Government or provincial authorities for further consideration. The selection process of investors must be transparent, open and assessable. After negotiations and agreement of all parties the DPI Attapeu issues the Concession Registration Certificate. Upon receipt of a concession certificate the investor must start business activities within ninety (90) days.

Investors wishing to invest in concession business please contact the


Department of Planning and Investment Attapeu


Tel / Fax: +856 36 211 019

Email: ອີເມລນີ້ຈະຖືກປ້ອງກັນຈາກສະແປມບອດ ແຕ່ທ່ານຕ້ອງເປີດການໃຊ້ງານຈາວາດຄິບກ່ອນ .



Investment in General Business

Please note that Investors in General Business shall submit their application with all related documents to the ‘one-stop-service’ of the Ministry/Department of Industry and Commerce in order to register the enterprise for conducting business operations in conformity with the laws and to obtain the Enterprise Registration Certificate. For further information please call the ‘one-stop-service’ at the Department of Industry and Commerce: Tel / Fax: +856 36 211 018.



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